UnLucky Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo may not be so lucky after all it seems.


It appears that if you want to gift your friend with severe fever, nausea, lots of joint and muscle pain and all the other fun symptoms of Chikungunya disease, one way to do it may be to send them a nice Lucky Bamboo gift! It turns out that the water which keeps the Lucky Bamboo lucky as it is shipped around the globe so you can put it on your mantle rather than putting a locally grown plant on your mantle and saving a bunch of jet fuel in the process - well this water also may have some eggs or larvae of the Asian Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus) all ready to hatch out and bite you on the ear when you least expect it. Unfortunately, Aedes albopictus is also a vector for the Chikungunya virus.


Don't let your Aedes albopictus hatch, or your luck may run out.