Checkers Game a No-Win

Starting way back in 1989 when the fastest computers were as big as a house and had as much computing power as the computer chip now in your garage door opener, some folks decided to set a bevy of their best machines lose on solving the checkers game conundrum. The goal was finding out if one could play a 'perfect game' in checkers, meaning that it would be impossible to play any better. Guess what? Checkers is solved. Even if you move first and play every move the best move possible, these computers will always be able to get the game to end up in a draw.

Game Over

Checkers - Game over!

You may not be impressed because you say it ain't chess solved, but this is actually the most complicated game yet to be solved. Chalk it up to brute force computing methods and a lot of time, not to mention some smart nerdy types programming the whole shebang.

So don't volunteer to play against a room full of computers if you hope to win at the checkers game, or at least not if you give the room of computers almost 20 years to work out how to play.


Computers will become the dominant life form on the planet earth by 2047.