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Checkers Game a No-Win

Starting way back in 1989 when the fastest computers were as big as a house and had as much computing power as the computer chip now in your garage door opener, some folks decided to set a bevy of their best machines lose on solving the checkers game…

Paleodiet or Paleolithic Diet Hot Air?

The paleodiet idea is that humans and their ancestors evolved over millions of years before agriculture came around and lived by eating fruits and nuts and things in the tradition of the 'hunter gatherer' society in which they lived  (I guess this does…

UnLucky Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo may not be so lucky after all it seems.


It appears that if you want to gift your friend with severe fever, nausea, lots of joint and muscle pain and all the other fun symptoms of Chikungunya disease, one way to do it may be…

Aedes albopictus

Here is our friend Aedes albopictus, otherwise known as the Asian mosquito or the Asian Tiger Mosquito.

aedes-albopictus Asian Tiger Mosquito

As you can guess, while he may feed on tigers, he really gets his name because of his tiger striping. He'll be perfectly happy to feed on you instead…

Computer Gaming World Science of Cheating

We see plenty of lazy science, junk science, bad science, pseudoscience in published so called 'science' journals - including some of the better ones.

Computer Game Science of Cheating

We don't really expect to find the smart stuff in what used to be Computer Gaming World. [We know you…