Where your Tax Dollars go in California

Ever wonder where your tax dollars go in the state of California? We do sometimes. Often, it's hard to find out, as the favorite way for crooked governments to steal your money and waste it is for them to do it in secret and not tell you about it. Here's one way which they didn't keep a secret.

California Government Waste

You can argue all you want over how fair it is to subsidize childcare, but even if you agree that it's a jolly good idea to dole out cash to encourage people to have more children in a world where there are already plenty, you'll still have to wonder at this one. The California state government seems to think that if you let your kid sleep at your parents house because you work nights, you deserve $800 every month in your pocket for it. One has to wonder what the government was thinking on this one. It used to be that grandparents would take care of their grandkids for free, but what the heck, if the state will pay you while you sleep, who can say no to that!


Let's raise taxes!