Cigarette Butt Litter : Solution to the Scourge

Marcus writes a brilliant idea to the Examiner today in which he proposes a partial solution to the horrendous problem of cigarette butt litter in California. 

Cigarette Butt Litter Pile of Toxic Waste

Buy a bottle of beer today in California, and you pay a pretty hefty deposit on the bottles to encourage you to not toss them but return them. If you don't some enterprising person may likely collect them for the return fee. The result, a lot fewer beer bottles by the roadside. The California CRV program.

Marcus proposes to initiate a CRV program for cigarette butts. Not a bad idea at all. If it isn't enough incentive for the cigarette smoking slobs who toss their butts on the ground, it may well be incentive enough for those more civic minded to clean them up and collect the free cash.

Fewer tossed cigarette butts mean fewer fires, less nicotine leeching out of them into the watershed where the trashed butt falls, fewer years of staring at the nasty trash which currently is piling up at the rate of billions of used cigarette butts each and every day globally. Less toxic poison in the world each day by millions of pounds. One butt may seem like nothing, but multiply by well over 1 billion smokers per day who each are tossing on average 1 to 3 butts every day, and you see the size of the problem.

They know what to do in England already, having enacted a steep fine for littering butts in the street as of July 1st this year (2007).

If you don't know, or you think cigarette butt litter is not a sin, learn the facts about cigarette butt litter from Longwood University in Virginia.


Fines are pure punitive motivational tools to prevent bad behavior, the CRV idea is a carrot more than a stick and a great idea to help stop the cigarette butt scourge.