Biosecurity Hazard Big Whoops!

Turns out that the recent foot-and-mouth disease breakout in the UK was likely due to some leaky pipes, big truck tires, rainy weather, and bad luck.

Foot and Mouth Disease has no Lucky Bamboo

It seems that like all the bridges in the United States, the infrastructure over there in England is showing its age a little too much these days. Turns out that the path that the virus infected waste water from the research lab takes includes a gauntlet of leaky pipes, pumps and intruding tree roots before it reaches the actual treatment plant facility which is supposed to remove the biohazards in the effluent. The big whoops occurs when too much of the virus laden water leaks out that it's a toxic mud pie ready to stick onto the treads of trucks driving through the wet mess - and doubly whoops when their next path took them right by farms with ready victims for the potent virus to attack.


Those cattle sure needed some lucky bamboo, but they didn't get it!