Rhesus Monkey vs. You Test One

"I know I evolved from a monkey, but am I smarter than a monkey?"

Here is your task. You are going to watch a human behave two ways. You are going to decide if A is more likely than B to indicate that the human meant to communicate something to you.

The human is going to gesture in two different ways to a little cup. He will do it by Action A and by Action B. In one case the cup is full of gold coins. In the other case it is empty. You want those gold coins!

[You will have to pretend that you are watching this live, so suspend your disbelief a bit.]

Action A:

In this case, you are going to pretend you watched the following sequence (pretend you were there):

hand back

Now, you watch

Action B:

hand touch


Which Action seems more likely to you to indicate that there is gold in the pot? Action A, or Action B?

Note: The action is merely a gesture. The gold is either in the pot already or the pot is empty. The action A or B is not taking out or putting in gold, it is merely a gesture towards the pot.

Your Answer:

No cheating! Write your answer down, then go to the next page.

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