Final Result - Test Two

Here are the results for the monkeys:

box result

In this case, Action B was the correct answer! Just like in the warm up test. Chance again is 50%, and all the primates did better by far than by chance. You can see that again the Rhesus monkey was the smartest of the monkeys.

We'll bet you that you (or at least less than 88% of you) picked the wrong answer, thus proving that a Rhesus monkey is indeed smarter than you are or most of you. The only obvious conclusion is that evolution is running backwards for humans when it comes to experiments like these.

In our case, even the Cotton-top Tamarins were smarter than us!

Now go back to work stuffing those important envelopes!


We bet you are frustrated as we were because there wasn't a reasonable or rational basis by which you could possibly have picked Action A over Action B or visa versa in the Test Two final test result. The real question is then, "How did the monkeys get it right when all us humans got it wrong?" We don't know, and neither do the folks who did this experiment, but they come up with some fantastical ideas.

p.s. If you want to review the real experiment where the gold was food, you can read the Science magazine article from 7 September by going to your local library or by visiting the page in our Science and Tech section.