Unforgiven (1992)

Hey, we know this movie came out before some of you were even born, but that doesn't mean it isn't as good as the day they released it in the theaters. 


Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood are the big stars in the movie with some great great performances by Richard Harris (famous for lots of other work) and others. This is one of Clint's best films, one this reviewer saw in the theaters when it came about more than half a dozen times because in those days you could afford to do that when the price at the derelict theater soon to go under was only 2 bucks. Nowadays, you should just boycott the overpriced theaters and see great movies like Unforgiven as the DVD incarnation.

While not quite to the same degree as in the HBO Deadwood series, the language and style of Unforgiven is reminiscent in a good way of the Deadwood series. Unforgiven dialog is a bit more straightforward, but it has a really refreshing verisimilitude and yields many memorable lines you can quote to all your friends - but all of them carried off in a way which doesn't stink and smell like in so many of today's movies where the one-liners drive the films because there ain't no plot to do the driving!

Unforgiven Movie Rating:

Groundbreaking for it's novel take on the Western, it's a straight on 7 of 7 on the movie rating machine.