The Latest Resident Evil Extinction Flick

We just saw this one yesterday night. Our local movie theater has now decided that they will charge more than ten bucks per person on Friday and Saturday nights, so we think rather than seeing movies there any longer we should boycott them entirely. It's pretty much a huge rip off, plus the sound was so loud that we couldn't enjoy the gore and fun stuff in the film. When our ears did finally fill with blood, we had a much nicer time of it.

Mila stars in it again, which is a big plus.

Mila Jojovich Actress in Resident Evil Extinction Movie

We saw this movie on the spur of the moment, so we didn't have a chance to Netflix the first Resident Evil films in the series first. Luckily, we've all seen the first Resident Evil about twelve dozen (that's a full gross, you know) times, so we pretty well recall the set-up. Unfortunately, it's been a while since we saw the other sequels. In fact, we forget even how many there have been. One of them most definitely was Resident Evil Apocalypse. There may even be two more beyond that, but we can't remember or be bothered to look online to find out.

There was some guy named Carlos in this one that Alice seemed to know already, but he wasn't in the first Resident Evil where pretty much everyone got killed or mutated into something ugly. We figure this Carlos fellow must have been in one of the sequels we saw but don't remember. Anyway, for the girls in the audience they have Carlos. For the boys they have Alice, a random assortment of firearms, and some good sharp head choppers.

We don't want to give anything more away, so we'll just say that if you like the Resident Evil series, then go see it.

Make sure you are awake for the raven scene (or are they crows?).

Resident Evil Extinction Movie Rating:

We rate this movie for hardcore Resident Evil fans a 6. We rate it for general zombie flick fans a 4. We rate it for folks who like placid Woody Allen movies about New York a 2.