Jerry Maguire

A long long time ago now, but still loved by the gals who enjoy a romance, Tom Cruise shows his early gifts as the world's best runner at exactly 1 hour 59 minutes and 22 seconds into Jerry Maguire, the movie. You can also get a brief moment of kind of relaxed warm-down Tom Cruise running at about 2:09 into the film, but it's nothing like the 1:59:22 spot.

Jerry Maguire Movie Tom Cruise Poster

If you are a guy, fast forward to the 1:59:22 mark and then give a push to the eject button. For the gals, pretty much the whole film is probably worth watching.

Jerry Maguire Movie Rating:

We rate this movie for the men at a 3 of 7. We'll give Jerry Maguire a women's rating of 5 based on predetermined sexual stereotyping of gender preferences regarding movie romance.