HBO Deadwood

HBO can produce some good stuff, and Deadwood is some of their finest fare. Deadwood has now been through 3 seasons, with the 1st and 3rd the best of the three. 


One assumes you'll be watching the Deadwood DVD collection because you own it (not a bad thing) or Netflix it, so you can check out the interviews in the extra materials DVD segments.

A Word About Deadwood Dialog: Whether you believe it or not, David Milch who wrote, helped produce and directed the Deadwood Series has some great explanations for the fascinating and addictive dialog which mixes profanity with bombast. His theory is that the roughness of life at the time and the comings and goings of less than literate folk would have brought about the profanity in the mix, and that the rather grandiloquent language would have come from the sorts of books and 'literature' easily obtainable by those who could read and/or write at the time. Thus, David Milch allows flowery language of the novels of the time to mix with a myriad of 'fucks' and 'cocksuckers' in nearly equal portions. The result is at times a little hard to follow, but sets a completely unique tone never before presented in any previous depiction of the West in film, Television or any other medium. Correct or not, it ads a wonderful extra dimension to the Deadwood series.

HBO Deadwood Series Rating:

With three Deadwood series and over 30 episodes, it's a challenge to rate Deadwood in it's entirety. We'll give the entire Deadwood Series a 6 of 7. Figure that some episodes are 7's, and a few are 5's to bring the average to 6. See them all.