Hard Rain

As you might guess from the title, Hard Rain, starring Morgan Freeman and Christian Slater, is one of the best movies you can get your sopping paws on if you like rain. It's also a great movie if you like Randy Quaid, who is an often overlooked actor we always look forward to seeing in film.

Hard Rain Movie Poster with Morgan Freeman and Christian Slater

Christian Slater's voice is in top form for this film, scratchy and tickling enough to give pleasure, and a nice contrast to Morgan's milder tone. The movie flows smoothly from one great scene to the next, has an appropriate smattering of surprises and tight spots, and gives you a few drips of humor in the mix as well.

Hard Rain Movie Rating:

If you like days on the beach, maybe you should knock it down a peg, but anyone who likes water, a good plot, and fine actors like Morgan Freeman, will agree that this flick is a 5.8 on the 1 to 7 scale.