Bat 21

Probably most of you have never heard of Bat 21. Run out and get the DVD now or stick it in your Netflix queue. it's a great Gene Hackman film and an atypical Viet Nam war movie. 

Gene Hackman and Danny Glover in Bat 21 Movie Poster

Danny Glover does a great job as the co-star. This movie doesn't show its age one bit, so you need not worry that it was released in 1988. That's why they invented the DVD player, so people like you who missed films like this can see them at home because you'll never find them in the theater. After all, they aren't Rocky Horror.

Bat 21 Movie Rating:

Golfers for reasons apparent in the film can add a few strokes to this rating, but on a 1 to 7 Bat 21 is without a doubt a 5.999.