Apocalypse Now

This movie is without a doubt one of the best movies of all time. Period.

Apocalypse Now Movie with Martin Sheen

Music from The Doors and hypnotic visuals start the film. The melding of helicopters and fans... Apocalypse Now sucks you in and doesn't let you go, ever. Martin Sheen does a fine job, and it is fun now to see him as a young actor. You also get some extra super bonus points for smaller parts played by Harrison Ford, Larry Fishburne and Dennis Hopper. It is funny now to see Harrison Ford and Larry Fishburne just out of grade school in this film from 1979 when they were so young.

You have the luxury now of getting the Apocalypse Now Redux DVD, but be warned that for some unexplained reason on our viewing equipment the fancy dan Apocalypse Now Redux DVD cut off the left and right edges of the widescreen image slightly as compared to the regular Apocalypse Now DVD release. Of course, like you should have, we have both DVDs so we can alternate between them.

This is one EVERYONE should own and watch at least weekly.

Apocalypse Now Movie Rating:

This is one of those rare movies that scores a 9.0 on the 1 to 7 movie rating scale. If you don't own it, go buy it. Don't rent it. Own it. Watch it at least 1000 times before you die. If you are thinking of watching TV, turn it off and watch this move again instead. You'll never be sad you fired it up in the DVD player.