28 Weeks Later

We'll have to admit that we didn't see this one just yesterday, and at the time of seeing it in the theater, with the floating orb of Netflix out there, it didn't quite merit our running to buy the movie DVD, but we kind of wish now we had gotten it as we suddenly have the urge to see it again NOW. That gives you an idea of how this sequel compares to the first movie,  not quite as good as the first, but pretty darned good anyway...

So, it was a nice sequel to the first film in the series, 28 Days Later. It's another of those sequels where it wasn't quite as good as the first film, but it wasn't a bad film at all and did a good job picking up where the first movie left off. That sounds a little too harsh in fact. Let's say it was 80% to 90% of the first film.

In the same manner as 28 Days Later, this film is more than a zombie flick. It once again goes a lot deeper than your typical horror film. It does a good job of positing moral dilemma's and making you wonder what you might do in situations the movie presents to you. You'll enjoy the beginning sequence a lot. There are a few imperfections, but nothing that is too damaging.

This film has more grand effects and a bit more of an arty presentation of violence in some spots than 28 days later. Don't believe the nonsense you may hear that it is some kind of anti-American propaganda film. Anyone who says that never saw the movie.


If you liked 28 Days Later, get yourself a DVD of this sequel and watch it. Before you do, watch the original movie first to get yourself in the mood. Let's all hope that there are many more to come in this series!

28 Weeks Later Movie Rating:

On the 1...7 scale, we rate this film a 5 (solid middle ground) for ordinary folk, and a 5.9 for fans of the original film 28 Days Later.