28 Days Later

Don't label this movie a zombie flick. It's not really a horror film either. It's much more. It has some aspects of a more traditional horror film, but don't skip it because you aren't a horror fanatic. There are plenty of poignant moments in this film, and it has a lot to say about society and how society fails under pressure.

28 Days Later Movie Poster
Jim alone in London

The lamentations of the sound track for this film are exquisitely suited to the film, and are a big part of what carries it so far beyond any horror/zombie picture characterization. It's worth finding out who did the score for it, as it's that good. We save you the trouble here. The composer is John Murphy, and the soundtrack is available for purchase. We'll try to get a link up for that. We promise.

The DVD (which is probably all you've got as an option now) has some alternate endings on it which are worth watching.

28 Days Later Movie Rating:

On the 1...7 scale, we rate this baby a high 6 for everyone. In short, while not verging on a 7, it's over 6. Say, 6.4 of 7.