Sooty Pollution Melts Snow

You should be familiar with this if you live in any big city. The nice white snow falls down from the sky. The snow gets all black with gritty filthy city grime. The little bit of sun that manages to sqeeze through the grimy buildings blocking the sky shines on the piles of black snow. Poof it melts.

For country folk, it works differently. The dazzling white powder falls on the ground and stays there.

It turns out that the same thing has been happening on a global scale ever since the industrial revolution and humans started to not only jack up their Carbon Dioxide emissions to kick start global warming, but they also started to spew out sooty emissions called 'Black Carbon Emissions' from their coal burning and tree burning conquests of mother earth's forests and glades.

The same thing happens with these Black Carbon Emissions as the sooty grimy stuff in the big city. It falls down onto snow and makes the snow melt faster. It also makes the air heat up faster when it is in the atmosphere to contribute to global warming and climate change in more than one way.

There hasn't been a lot of research done to document the amount of Black Carbon Emissions, but now there has been a study which found that the Black Carbon deposits in Greenland increased 700% from 1850 to 1950 and has increased more since then. The result is that all this sooty pollution has been not only making the earth hotter when it's suspended in the atmosphere, but has been also accelerating the melting of ice and snow as well.


Humans should stop burning everything they touch.