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Goings on in the community.

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We'll cover the absolutely 100% most important pop idols and celebrities in the world, and what you need to know about them. Read movie reviews and DVD reviews. Learn about the best movies, where to buy DVDs, why to buy DVDs instead of going to movies…


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  • Am I dumber than a Rhesus Monkey?
  • Biosecurity Hazard Big Whoops!
  • Cigarette Butt Litter : Solution to the Scourge
  • Where your Tax Dollars go in California
  • Computer Gaming World Souls for Sale

Photography Gallery

Photography Gallery

California Oaks


  • diabetes management
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Things that make you sick.


  • Sooty Pollution Melts Snow
  • Palm Oil Plantations Decimate Diversity
  • IPCC Too Linear


All things political and then some.


What latest cults are popular. Who is killing whom over what. Maybe some books for you to read.